SRT Pro-Line Rear Sprocket

  • Most Affordable performance racing rear sprocket available
  • Made of 7000 series aluminum for reduced weight and exceptional durability
  • Anodized for an amazing look
  • Self cleaning grooves to prolong sprocket and chain life
  • Manufactured to OEM specifications for a perfect fit
  • Sprocket of choice for SRT Sponsored Racers
Rear Sprocket Applications
  Size Color Pro-Line
65 SX/XC 1998-Present
46T Black SRT00615
46T Orange SRT00616
48T Black SRT00617
48T Orange SRT00618
50T Black SRT00619
50T Orange SRT00620
85 SX/XC 2003 - Present
105 SX/XC 2007 - 11
TC 85 2014 - Present
45T Black SRT00621
45T Orange SRT00622
45T Blue  
47T Black SRT00624
47T Orange SRT00625
47T Blue  
49T Black SRT00627
49T Orange SRT00628
49T Blue  
51T Black SRT00630
51T Orange SRT00631
51T Blue  
Freeride 250 R / 350 2014-Present
44T Silver SRT00649
44T Black SRT00650
44T Orange SRT00651
45T Silver SRT00652
45T Black SRT00653
45T Orange SRT00654
46T Silver SRT00655
46T Black SRT00656
46T Orange SRT00657
47T Silver SRT00658
47T Black SRT00659
47T Orange SRT00660

KTM, 125cc - 600cc, 1982 - Present (Excluding LC4 Models 1993-98)

Husqvarna, 125cc - 510cc, 2014 - Present

Husaberg, 250cc - 650cc, 2000 - Present

45T Silver SRT00266
45T Black SRT00267
45T Orange SRT00268
45T Blue SRT00269
48T Silver SRT00270
48T Black SRT00271
48T Orange SRT00272
48T Blue SRT00273
49T Silver SRT00274
49T Black SRT00275
49T Orange SRT00276
49T Blue SRT00277
50T Silver SRT00278
50T Black SRT00279
50T Orange SRT00280
50T Blue SRT00281
51T Silver SRT00282
51T Black SRT00283
51T Orange SRT00284
51T Blue SRT00285
52T Silver SRT00286
52T Black SRT00287
52T Orange SRT00288
52T Blue SRT00289

CR125R 1987-2007

CRF150 2003-Present

CRF230F 2003-Present

CRF230L 2008-09

CR250R 1984-2007

CRF250R 2004-Present

CRF250X 2004-Present

XR250R 1996-2004

XR400R 1996-2004

CRF450R 2002-Present

CRF450X 2005-Present

CR500R 1986-2001

XR650R 2000-07
45T Silver SRT00390
45T Black SRT00391
45T Red SRT00392
48T Silver SRT00393
48T Black SRT00394
48T Red SRT00395
49T Silver SRT00396
49T Black SRT00397
49T Red SRT00398
50T Silver SRT00399
50T Black SRT00400
50T Red SRT00401
51T Silver SRT00402
51T Black SRT00403
51T Red SRT00404
52T Silver SRT00405
52T Black SRT00406
52T Red SRT00407

KX 250 F 2018-present

KX 450 F 2018-Present
45T Silver SRT00968
45T Black SRT00974
45T Green SRT00980
48T Silver SRT00969
48T Black SRT00975
48T Green SRT00981
49T Silver SRT00970
49T Black SRT00976
49T Green SRT00982
50T Silver SRT00971
50T Black SRT00977
50T Green SRT00983
51T Silver SRT00972
51T Black SRT00978
51T Green SRT00984
52T Silver SRT00973
52T Black SRT00979
52T Green SRT00985

YZ 125 1999-Present

YZ 250 1999-Present

YZ 250 F 2001-Present

YZ 250 FX 2015-Present

WR 250 F 2007-Present

WR 250 R 2008-Present

YZ 400 F 1999

YZ 426 F 2000-02

YZ 450 F 2003-Present

WR 450 F 03-Present
45T Silver SRT00665
45T Black SRT00666
45T Blue SRT00667
48T Silver SRT00634
48T Black SRT00635
48T Blue SRT00636
49T Silver SRT00637
49T Black SRT00638
49T Blue SRT00639
50T Silver SRT00640
50T Black SRT00641
50T Blue SRT00642
51T Silver SRT00643
51T Black SRT00644
51T Blue SRT00645
52T Silver SRT00646
52T Black SRT00647
52T Blue SRT00648
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