Kenda Tire - Millville II (K785)

The next generation answer to the ever-popular Millville tire is sure to make a splash in the Motocross and Off-Road circuits.

  • Designed for soft to intermediate terrain, perfect for MX
  • New compound formula provides the best of both worlds, traction and durability
  • Improved braking traction due to paddle shape pattern
  • Improved cornering traction with more biting edges
  • New Tie Bar knob support to reduce knob squirm and increase durability
Front Part # Size
Front SRT00510 60/100-14
Front SRT00513 70/100-17
Front SRT00514 70/100-19
Front SRT00521 80/100-21
Front SRT00522 90/100-21
Rear Part # Size
Rear SRT00509 80/100-12
Rear SRT00511 90/100-14
Rear SRT00512 90/100-16
Rear SRT00515 110/100-18
Rear SRT00516 120/100-18
Rear SRT00517 100/90-19
Rear SRT00518 100/80-19
Rear SRT00519 110/90-19
Rear SRT00520 120/80-19
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