Kenda Tire - Big Block (K784)

Kenda's all new & true 'Adventure' tire combination. Designed specifically to meet the demands of the high powered Adventure motorcycle and serious Adventure rider.

  • DOT and E-mark approved (70% Off-road / 30% Street)
  • Tread pattern provides high traction on a variety of terrain
  • Large tread blocks for improved tread wear and high speed handling
  • High impact, bias belted, casing structure providing a high level of puncture resistance
  • Rubber compound designed specifically for wet-slick & dry-hard packed terrain
  • Tubeless
  • Sizes Front: 100/90B-19, 110/80B-19, 120/70B-19, 90/90B-21
  • Sizes Rear: 130/80B-17, 150/70B-17, 170/60B-17, 140/80B-18, 150/70B-18
Front Part # Size
Front SRT00604 100/90B19
Front SRT00605 110/80B19
Front SRT00606 120/70B19
Front SRT00607 90/90B21
Rear Part # Size
Rear SRT00599 150/70B17
Rear SRT00600 130/80B17
Rear SRT00601 170/60B17
Rear SRT00602 150/70B18
Rear SRT00603 140/80B18
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