• The NEW VX-10 tire is the ultimate race tire for kids
  • This tire is the best all-terrain tire in the IRC line-up
  • Specifically designed and tested for Hare Scramble off-road racing
  • Tread Pattern has proven really good on the MX Track
  • Tread pattern with ample lug spacing for cleanout at any speed
  • Rubber compound allows for increased wear durability
  • The outstanding traction of the VX-10 will make your kid faster
Front/Rear Part # Size
Front SRT00991 60/100-10
Rear SRT00992 80/100-10
Front SRT00993 60/100-12
Rear SRT00994 80/100-12
Front SRT00995 60/100-14
Rear SRT00996 90/100-14
Front SRT00997 60/100-16
Rear SRT00998 90/100-16
Front SRT00999 70/100-17
Front SRT01000 70/100-19
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