IRC VE-35F/VE-33

  • Volcanduro VE-35F/VE-33 For Enduro
  • The essential enduro tire. Finish the race with confidence!
  • Specifically designed for enduro competition
  • Tread spacing grips rocks and logs and works well in soft terrain
  • Large knobs and optimum rubber compound provide grip performance on all surfaces
  • The VE-35F and VE-33 rear are a perfect combination for high speed stability
  • Rubber compound allows for increased wear durability
Front/Rear Part # Size
Front SRT00762 80/100-21
Rear SRT00763 100/100-18
Rear SRT00764 110/100-18
Rear SRT00765 100/90-19
Rear SRT00766 110/90-19
Rear SRT01010 5.10-18
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