IRC VE-33s GEKKOTA (Sticky)

  • Volcanduro VE-33s Gekkota (Sticky) For Endurocross
  • You will set record lap times!
  • Super sticky compound allows for excellent traction on a wide variety of terrain
  • Strong sidewall support for high speed racing and cornering
  • Tread spacing grips rocks and logs and works well in soft terrain
  • Large sticky knobs provide excellent traction in wet conditions and stability at speed on hard pack
  • Perfect combination of sticky rubber, 2 ply carcass, and sidewall support for the Endurocross Racer
  • The new rubber compound is designed for extreme off-road conditions
  • Note: Softer compound tires do not have the longevity of standard compounds
Front/Rear Part # Size
Rear SRT00761 110/100-18
SKU: SRT00761
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