IRC iX-09W GEKKOTA (Gummy)

  • Enduro iX-09W Gekkota (Gummy) For Extreme Enduro
  • No better forward traction – period!
  • Super soft rubber compound for maximum surface contact and traction in wet conditions
  • Ultimate traction over wet rocks and slippery logs
  • Soft sidewall allows for tire manipulation over all obstacles
  • Aggressive tread pattern with excellent side lug performance
  • Ample center lug spacing to contour, grip, and cleanout
  • Proven to be the best grip 2 ply extreme enduro tire
  • Note: Softer compound tires do not have the longevity of standard compounds
Front/Rear Part # Size
Front SRT00759 80/100-21
Rear SRT00760 110/100-18
Rear SRT00963 90/100-16
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