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Become an Authorized SRT Dealer

SRT manufactures parts, accessories, and apparel for the power-sports industry. We are the manufacturer, distributing directly to the dealer, not a distribution warehouse. We provide high quality products at affordable prices. We understand how difficult it can be to compete with online prices. Our goal is to allow the dealer to not only be competitive, but beat those prices. We are known for our "get it done, no problem" attitude and super fast turnaround on orders. Refer to the "About Us" tab for our company bio and further information. If you are interested in joining the SRT team, follow the steps below:

Easy Steps to becoming an authorized SRT Dealer

  1. Public store front with power-sport parts and accessories
  2. Contact SRT by phone at 559-252-3503 or email at
  3. Complete the SRT credit application. Return completed form by fax at 559-252-0786 or email at
  4. You will receive an automated email with your login and password
  5. You are now a dealer and ready to sell SRT products

Four easy ways to place your order; online at, email at, fax at 559-252-0786, or phone at 559-252-3503

Download the SRT Credit Application here.

Download the Initial Order Form here.

Thank you for your interest in becoming one of our dealers.

We look forward to doing business with you,

SRT Admin Team
"Engineered for the ride ahead"