Aluminum Bi-Fold Ramp 84" L & 72” L x 48" W (1,500lbs.) (ATV/MC)

  • Most affordable heavy duty aluminum bi-fold ramp available
  • 1 1/2" extra thick walled rectangular tube runners make for an 1,500 lb. disbursed load capacity
  • 1" square serrated cross bars for added traction and strength
  • Reinforced angle cut ends provide greater contact area between the ramp and ground for added safety
  • Constructed of 6061 T6 aluminum with non-slip coating and high density poly non scratch tips
  • Folds in half for easy carrying and transport
  • (E) Dimensions: 84" L x 48" W; 7 Feet Long x 4 Feet Wide; Long-Bed
  • (F) Dimensions: 72" L x 48" W; 6 Feet Long x 4 Feet Wide; Short-Bed
  • Recommended load capacity 1,500 lbs.
SRT Aluminum Ramps Dimensions Capacity Part # Applications
Folding Arched 120"L x 14"W 1,500 lbs (single)

3,000 lbs (double)
SRT00680 UTV/ATV/MC/Street
Folding Arched 90"L x 13"W 1,500 lbs (single)

3,000 lbs (double)
SRT00673 UTV/ATV/MC/Street
Adjustable Tri-Fold 80" L x 70" W 2,500 lbs. SRT00472 UTV/ATV/MC

*Note: Fits flatbed or trailer
80"L x 63"W 1,800 lbs SRT00411 UTV/ATV/MC
Tri-Fold 80"L x 60"W 1,800 lbs SRT00412 UTV/ATV/MC
Tri-Fold 80"L x 57"W 1,800 lbs SRT00413 UTV/ATV/MC
Bi-Fold 84"L x 48"W 1,500 lbs SRT00375 ATV/MC
Bi-Fold 72"L x 48"W 1,500 lbs SRT00374 ATV/MC
Arched 84"L x 12"W 800 lbs SRT00410 UTV/ATV/MC
Folding Arched (Solid Surface) 90"L x 11"W 750 lbs SRT00002 UTV/ATV/MC
Folding Arched 90"L x 11"W 750 lbs SRT00256 UTV/ATV/MC
MX 72"L x 6.25"W 500 lbs SRT00264 MC
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